In a marathon your feet drive, your mind leads you and your heart finishes

If you want to run a marathon, it is the moment to develop your psychological skills facing the race.

To achieve this goal, firstly, we should reflect carefully. Take a couple of seconds to answer the following question: What do you like about running: the competition or the physical activity?

I would like that the previous question was the starting point. Taking into account what you have answered and being aware of what you had been more focused on until now.

What consequences can cause competitive running? There are several. For example, one of them, if you just focus on the running race day, and that day you start the race and you don’t have good feelings, your mind will be invaded by interfering thoughts such as: “I should run faster” or “At a slow pace I will not set my time goal”, etc.; for the previous reasons your heart will be filled with frustration and helplessness which will decrease your full potential/strength. In other occasions, one of the consequences of just concentrating on the competition is the lack of motivation to run daily, especially, if the race is in the distant future or it is over, if weather conditions are terrible or your friends are not coming to train someday.

An experienced long distance runner is aware about the tough moments they will go through and has to live dealing with them and learning how to overcome them with their psychological skills, emotional self control, and very often self encouragement.

Every single runner has two types of motivation: the intrinsic (internal) and the extrinsic (external). The intrinsic motivation is based on self rewards like self-improvement. The extrinsic motivation is based on external rewards, for instance, becoming famous cialis pharmacie and winning prizes. The most lasting motivation is the intrinsic one. The professional runners need to have a good combination of both motivations.

However, remember: “the race day is just one day, but training and planning for a marathon takes months and occasionally years”. So, you should wonder about it: When do you want to start to enjoy running, on Marathon’s day or since today? If your answer is “ since today”, you will have to fall in love with physical activity, your feelings, your pace; the people who train with you, the rain, the cold…Just accept everything like a lucky human being who enjoys running. Even you can bring it to your life, just wondering: Do I live for goals or processes? For your goals, when you have a job, a permanent job, a child, when you buy a house, children grow up,…Or do you prefer being happy now while you are leading your life? What are you waiting for to be happy? Put your shoes on and go running. Feel the runner’s freedom. Fall in love with the process of life. You have to love running. Learn to run with your feet, mind and heart.